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Hot Die Steel
Hot Die Steel made rod, flat bar, round bar and plate are produced by using cold drawn processing technology. All these products are heat treated by using quenching, annealing or tempering method to enhance their strength. Quality of these metal products has been verified as per ultrasonic test.
Tool Steel
Tool Steel is known for its excellent shock resistance properties and unique surface hardness. Quality of this steel conforms to global standard. Due to its chromium enriched content, this steel can withstand distortion during heat treatment process. Moreover, it can endure impact and abrasion.
High Speed Steel
High Speed Steel is known for its excellent surface hardness, good toughness level and unique wear resistance properties. This grade of steel is mainly used for producing milling instruments, broaching tools, woodworking accessories and taps. This version of steel is cost effective.
Spring Steel
Spring Steel can be easily cut, shaped and heat treated to improve its yield strength. Based on its carbon content, this steel is spheroidized and heat treated. This grade of steel is used for developing washer, spring, scraper and antenna.
Hexagon Steel
Hexagon Steel is available in rod, bar and tube forms. This class of steel is widely used in automobile, ship building and construction fields. Provided steel is also used to develop boiler heat exchanger. Quality of this steel conforms to global standard.

Hot Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled Steel is processed under more than 1700 degree C temperature. Bar, pipe and tube made of this steel have round shaped corner and edge. Surface scaling of this steel can easily be removed by adopting sand blasting, grinding or acid bath pickling procedures.
Nitronic Steel
Nitronic Steel is preferred over commonly used stainless steel for its better rust resistance performance and higher yield strength. This version of steel is used for designing pressure vessel, boat shaft, heat exchanger and pump shaft. Quality of this steel conforms to international standard.
EN Series Steel Plates
EN Series Steel Plates are used to produce bolts, nuts, studs and hydraulic fittings. Also known as mild steel plates, these have excellent welding attributes. Surface of these plates can be hardened easily. Exceptional compressive strength and abrasion proof surface are the main factors of these plates.
Industrial Steel Tubes
The advancement of our Industrial Steel Tubes range can be employed for some different kinds of pipe repairs. As it is efficient, therefore, it can spare a huge amount of cash as contrasted with conventional pipe repairs.

Non Ferrous Metal Products
The offered Non Ferrous Metal Products  range is an incredible choice for commercial, industrial, and residential regions, and numerous kinds of pipe repairs can be produced utilizing this innovation, sparing home and entrepreneurs both cash and time.
Steel Grade Products
Steel Grade Products are known for their excellent corrosion resistance properties and good welding attributes. These products have high strength. These can endure high temperature. These are available in tube, coil, plate and sheet forms. These steel products are highly durable and cost effective as well.
Aluminium Steel
Aluminum Steel can be processed, melted, machined and formed easily. Light in weight, this specific metal can endure heavy load. Exceptional corrosion resistance properties, low melting point and ductile nature are the key characteristics of this steel. This class of steel does not generate any odor during its processing.
EN Series Steel Flat Bar
N Series Steel Flat Bar is acknowledged for its excellent corrosion resistance properties, high tensile strength, abrasion and wear protected surface. Sturdy construction, superior and long lasting surface finish, high strength and standard elongation rate are the key characteristics of this range of flat bar.
Stainless Steel Flat Bar
Stainless Steel Flat Bar is known for its high tensile strength. This metal bar can be used under high temperature and corrosion prone working condition. Moreover, it possesses good welding attributes. Its application can be noticed in chemical processing field, oil and gas refineries.
Industrial Steel Sheets & Plates
Industrial Steel Sheets & Plates have been developed from quality approved metals. These are used to design construction equipments like loading bucket, conveyor and bulldozer. These plates and sheets have optimum strength. Good machining attributes, high strength and precise diameter are the key factors of these metal items.
Industrial Steel Flat Bar
Industrial Steel Flat Bar has extensive applications in machine production, construction and electromagnetic industries. Available in different surface finishes, this range of steel bar has high tensile strength irrespective of temperature level. This grade of steel is corrosion and abrasion proof.
Stainless Steel Plates
Stainless Steel Plates are used to develop fuel and chemical tanker, building construction parts and equipments used in petro chemical plants. Provided plates are high temperature protected and flame retardant by nature. These plates are impact proof and have excellent toughness level.
Industrial Steel Products
Provided array of Industrial Steel Products has been designed to suit precise application needs of different industries that include welding, construction, machine manufacturing and so on. These metal products have optimum strength and unique corrosion resistance attributes. Moreover, these are highly durable.

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